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CCTV Drain Camera Inspections


We offer CCTV drain camera inspections, an effective way to assess the condition of your drainage system, identify potential issues, and determine the appropriate course of action. Here’s an overview of CCTV drain camera inspections:

Purpose: A CCTV drain camera inspection involves using a specially designed camera system to inspect the interior of your drainage pipes. The primary purpose is to identify blockages, leaks, cracks, corrosion, root intrusions, or any other issues that may be affecting the functionality of your drainage system.

Process: We will insert a flexible and waterproof CCTV camera into the drain through an access point such as a cleanout or an open drain. The camera is then guided through the pipes, capturing real-time video footage of the interior.

Remote Viewing: Our camera is equipped with high-resolution video capabilities and specialized lighting to provide a clear view of the pipe’s condition. Our technician can monitor the footage in real-time on a screen, enabling them to assess the pipe’s integrity, identify any issues, and determine the best course of action.

Detailed Inspection: During the CCTV drain camera inspection, our technician can examine the entire length of the drain, including bends, junctions, and hard-to-reach areas. They can zoom in on specific sections, capture images or video recordings, and document any findings for further analysis or reference.

CCTV drain camera inspections are a valuable tool for both residential and commercial properties. They provide a non-invasive and accurate way to diagnose drainage issues, reduce guesswork, and save time and costs associated with unnecessary excavation or exploratory work.  

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